Problems Logging In


I don't know my login or password.
Your login is your account number. You may have a number of accounts with Morgans. It will only be one of these. If you can't remember your password and or login, use
Forgotten Password to reset your details and have them resent to you. 

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I know my login and password are correct but the site won't accept them.
You may need to clear your cache (temporary internet folder) and make sure cookies are enabled.

Clearing my Cache

  • If using Internet Explorer - Go to 'tools' or 'view' (depending on browser version) then 'internet options' or 'options' then hit 'delete files' and 'ok'. Hit 'refresh' before trying to log-in again.

Enable Cookies

  • If using Internet Explorer - To enable cookies, go to the Privacy Tab (in Internet Options) and where it says "Websites" hit edit, enter our site address and hit allow. Ok out of this.

What is a Cache?
A cache is a place for temporary storage of computer files. It can be in either your computer's main memory (RAM) or secondary memory (hard drive). A cache stores information from pages you have visited online so that you can open them more quickly next time you visit them, rather than each bit of information needing to be downloaded on each visit.

Emptying your cache is also an easy way to create space on your hard drive. You can also use your 'find' command from your start button and search for 'temporary internet folder' and delete the contents of this folder.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of text-only information sent by a web server and stored on your browser to be read directly from that browser at a later time. They cannot be used as programs or viruses.

When you visit a site, the web server that hosts that site sends a cookie to your web browser. This is useful for having the browser remember some specific information, such as passwords and user ID's.

Your system must be enabled to accept cookies in order for you to log-in to the private area.

I can access Morgans Online from one computer but not another.
If you are unable to login from work, for example, this may be because it has a secure internal network called a "firewall". A firewall keeps a network secure but it can also prevent you from accessing certain information because it does not allow for secure web sessions. Also check that you have cleared your cache (instructions above).

I am having problems accessing research
You will need Acrobat Reader to view our research. Make sure you have the latest version which is free to download from:

They also have comprehensive instructions and a troubleshooting section for Acrobat Reader.

Which browser should I use?
You should make sure you are using the most current version of your browser available. This will make the most of your time on our site and online generally.

To get the latest version of Internet Explorer go to:

To get the latest version of Firefox go to:

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